China's Tourist Arrivals Increase in January- February 2014

Some airlines recorded an increase in seat capacity for direct flights to Indonesia.

The seating capacity from China rose 34.74 percent from 435,344 seats into 586,812 seats, as well as for tourists from South Korea, which recorded an increase of 31.63 per cent, from 465,348 seats into 612,560 seats, tourists from the Philippines, seat capacity rose 50 percent from 16,224 seats to 24,336 seats.

Travelers who use a boat from Bali arrived on the island of Lombok

It is similar to the increase in the number of tourist arrivals from the Middle East rose 13.5 per cent of the 1,789,528 seats into 2,031,276 seats in a year.

Various tourist destination with its unique specific has to offer, tourism is seen as a serious factor in developing the regional economy. Although the island of Bali is still the belle featured tourist destination in Indonesia.

(Source Antara, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, travelKompas /Images Garuda Indonesia, F Benjamin - Lombok)


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