Antique items that Need to be Avoided

Row of shops in the streets of Macau

Of course as the previous articles about antiques are worth considering for purchase, but not all can you take it for granted.

Some consideration is the safety factor and the things that can be harmful.

Here is of the items that need to be avoided, as below.

1. The vintage lights that look worn or poorly maintained. Especially when you see it rusting, this can be harmful when placed in the part of your home.
2. Electronic goods. Avoid electronic items that can not be tried first, too risky when you are forced to buy it.
3. Secondhand couches. You can immediately recognize it through the bad odor, the possibility of insect infestation endangering family members when you brought it back to your country.

In the end you can decide for yourself, antiques as important memories as part of your memorable tour.

(Source Huffington Post, Hilda B Alexander - Kompas /Image Hanna Yohana)


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