Cities in Asia become Favorite Destinations during Eid Holidays

The days ahead of Eid Holiday has been getting closer, it is still 3 months away, but the activity ticket booking trends for Lebaran Eid Holidays have begun crowded. Activity will increase starting July 24, 2014 with most passengers on July 26, 2014. Similarly, when returning activity will begin on August 1, 2014 with a peak in August 3, 2014.

Citing articles on a travel site, Travel Kompas, Thursday, April 29, 2014, several travel agencies noted the cities become the destination when the upcoming Eid Holiday, such as Seoul, South Korea, is the third highest for international travel during Lebaran Eid holidays in 2014, after Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Another city that gets the attention of tourists is the city of Bangkok as one of the favorite international destinations while on vacation.

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Images Rina B - Bangkok, L Pandjaitan)


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