Macau, the meeting of Western and Eastern cultures

Months of March to May is the ideal month to visit this city, located in Guangdong Province with an area of ​​29.2 square kilometers is worthy of being a tourist destination. Such quotations are obtained from the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO).

In these months you can watch a variety of festivals, such as The Macau Art Festival, held from April to May for three weeks with performances of music, drama, comedy from Asia and Europe.

They are ready to accept the presence of tourists, more and more hotels and resorts are built. There are shuttle bus facilities for tourists who want to take a walk.

Some favorite locations in the city known as the city of casinos and its beauty of the museum.

Enjoying nature oriental aura around the Pearl River Delta, relaxing in Senado Square and the historic buildings of the Portuguese heritage.

Walking around to the The Church of St. Paul, as well as the charm of the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Macau.

(Source MGTO, F Prawitasari - travelKompas, H Yohana - Hong Kong /Images H Yohana)


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