Do not worry to travel to India

The monk in Bodhgaya and Varanasi

Of course the splashy news in the mainstream media, making travelers postpone their vacation trip to India. India is very exotic and interesting.

Varanasi ritual

Citing the aticle of the journey in an tourist site, a travel writer, Yuliani, certainly help you with a more complete picture of her pleasant journey to India.

Buddha under the Bodhi tree

Indeed, the issue of security coming into question for most travelers. She in her traveling book, "Cheap Traveling to India and Nepal" has proven over the 2 month journey exploring 45 cities in India and Nepal.

The Face

She said if we comply with the night regulatory deadline, certainly a lot of undesirable events can be avoided. The most important thing is the confidence and the ability to see a situation that should be owned by every traveler.

The Girls

"When we don’t care about what's happening around, so could have been worked over. There are so many such event ."

Street market

India is quite friendly for tourists, no need to worry about the need for information, there is a tourism center in every city that could be a hub of information for travelers. The information center can provide assistance, as well as the local (police) authorities when something bad happens.

Street shop seller

During her spectacular journey to India, entered the small alleys and public markets.
India is incredible.

(Source NA Widadio - travelKompas , A Alana - Kathmandu Nepal /Images A Alana, L Pandjaitan)


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