Jakarta, the city with the Cheapest Hotel Room Rates in the World

Central Park Tower, Jakarta

Who can guess at the tourist cheapest destination cities in the world category, it turns out the city of Jakarta in Indonesia provides the cheapest hotel room rates price.

According to the article on travelKompas, city of Tunis offers the best prices of the year for unexpected costs for travelers, while Jakarta offering the cheapest hotel rooms rate in the world.

Cheapest tourist cities in the world by TripAdvisor based on cost comparison report that was recently released.

Jakarta at night time

In Jakarta, the price of a club sandwich is 8.59 USD, mineral water 2.86 USD, peanuts 4.40 USD, a mini bottle of Vodka 2.77 USD, soda 3.23 USD and shirts laundry for 5.99 USD. If you add up the total cost for the basket of goods is 27.84 USD, but the hotel room rate is only about $90.81.

When compared with the city of Tunis, combined cost of room service in Tunis which reached $18.41 is almost five times cheaper than the most expensive city, Helsinki, as a tourist destination, which reached $88.94.

Eventually travelers can decide their tourist destination throughout the year 2014, especially when all expenses can be planned carefully and meticulously.

(Source TripAdvisor, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Images M Kretyawan, Prima W Hatmi)


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