Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse Seen in Some Regions

Blood Moon in Beaumont, CA, USA

Natural phenomenon in the sky known when the Sun, Earth, and Moon lie in a straight line. At the moment the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, the natural phenomenon known as a lunar eclipse.

At the time of the lunar eclipse, the moon looks different than usual. You will be a little surprised, its fairly rare because the moon changes color from orange to blood red, this natural phenomenon is called the "Blood Moon". It will be seen in some regions, Asia, America, Canada and Mexico on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

A friend sends the blood moon picture as the natural moment using smartphones from her way to Beaumont, CA, United States 6 hours ago.

Lunar Eclipse in Australia

Similarly from Australia, a friend upload photos of lunar eclipse on a social media, which looked beautiful in the sky.

Special natural moments that may be experienced by anyone, even you who may be traveling, lucky when you are in the area to see the moments complete.

(Source, NASA, Kathy E Tampubolon, Fransisca AM Pandi /Images KE Tampubolon, Fransisca AM Pandi)


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