Waiting for the Sail Raja Ampat

This region immediately got up and got ready to welcome the event of Sail Raja Ampat in June 21, 2014 that will come. Infrastructure improvements, economic, as well as the promotion continues in District Waisai, Raja Ampat and Sorong, West Papua today.

Two of the venue look more and more presentable, although some are still in progress which has not been completed, for example breakwater embankment, and the lights on the highway, as well as smart homes (rumah pintar) and Waisai Torang Cinta Beach. Marinda Airport is in service for its runway extended to 1,400 meters and in the future is able to receive wide-bodied aircraft with the runway over 2000 meters.

Excitement for the locals in providing the homestay or other appropriate accommodation for the presence of tourists in this region, despite the stunning of its natural beauty.

(Source Kompas /Images Setiadi Darmawan, Susetyohadi Winata - Papua)


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