The Strictly Rules while Walking around in Hong Kong

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Well, one day when you walk in Hong Kong, of course this is an ideal choice for tourists to enjoy the exotic port city in mainland China. The city is famous for the implementation of their pretty strictly rules. If you are present there as tourists would need to prepare as well as possible, so that your trip to Hong Kong even more enjoyable.

Rules are applied in this town can result in a sizeable amount of fines.

a. Rules regarding the location of smoking. Should not be in any place, just in the space location provided, namely in locations of existing bins with ashtrays on it. The amount of fines around 5,000 Hong Kong dollars.

b. Tourists limited carrying cigarettes. Each person is only allowed to carry 19 cigarettes.

c. Maintain cleanliness, littering prohibited. The large amount of fines of 1,500 Hong Kong dollars.

The pedestrian waiting for the traffic light

d. Traffic light rules. For example, the rules of crossing the road before >the pedestrian light is green. Ignoring the rules of road traffic may be subject to a fine of 600 Hong Kong dollars.

There are bins in every corner of the city street

Of course a trip to Hong Kong became a special experience, a city which is also known as a fashion city in Asia. As long as you enjoy the trip, of course strict regulations solely for local residents and tourists to be more orderly. And walking tour takes place smoothly and fun.

(Source I Rastika - travelKompas, Hanna Yohana - Kowloon Hong Kong /Images Hanna Yohana)


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