Google Street View Takes Our Trips to the Past

Google Street View

Maybe all this time we thought that Google Street View will bring us to travel around the world, walk around a virtual tour through your computer. Similarly, most of the users assumption, since it was launched in 2007.

An article from a portal site, teknoKompas, citing The Inquirer, on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 show the development process in the Marina Bay Sands Singapore, the construction of a football stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil and the region of Onagawa, Japan, which was hit by an earthquake in 2011.

Marina Bay Sands

It can create new users increasingly interested, because Street View can also see the past with the "time machine" feature that allows users to see the situation of the place since its launch in early 2007. Journey is not always forward, but can also be returned traveled to the past.

(Source The Inquirer, Kompas /Images Google Street View, M Batoebara)


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