Hong Kong as a Fashion Tourism Destination

Hong Kong is currently one of the tourist destination of fashion, as fashion capital in the Asian fashion center. The town developed into a state exporter and the world's largest supplier of fashion products, namely clothing and accessories.

Products designer from Hong Kong is known as a minimalist masterpiece, but still modern so much preferred by consumers around the world. Included in the top 10 countries fashion trendsetters, and the number one in China and Southeast Asia.

Countries with this stylish residents also have many fashion mall with a variety of local and international fashion brands in every corner of the city. Hong Kong neighborhood has become its own charm, a very strategic location of the country.

State harbor with many yachts and cargo from around the world who anchored here. Being a sort of melting pot of Western and Eastern countries.

(Source CA Setyanti - femaleKompas, Hanna Yohana - Kowloon Hong Kong /Images Hanna Yohana)


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