20 Percent Discount to All Destinations from AirAsia

The Stewardess

AirAsia understand the character of their flight services user. They love the discount offers, a fact that can not be denied by anyone, especially for travelers who frequently travel to various places in various parts of the world.

Maybe you are one of them. Why not?

AirAsia in Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali

Discount is something pleasant surprise the travel tour. AirAsia giving a discount of 20 percent by offering a variety of special rates to all destinations of AirAsia, starting from USD 23.9 to domestic route and start from USD 15.9 for international routes. The 20 percent discount offers is just cut the base price (base fare) and not cut tax costs, fuel, and other costs.

The trip would be nice if given a chance like this, discount will be given from now until August 17, 2014 in the entire sales channel of AirAsia. As an intensive travelers to various tourist attractions in the world, do not be tired looking at their official website, mobile applications, call centers, or the nearest travel agency for the trip period from 12 August to December 14, 2014.

(Source AirAsia, Travel Kompas /Images AirAsia, wikipedia)


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