Stress Free from Mobile Phones while Traveling

Are you one of those people who are Addicted to Gadgets?

Trips to various tourist destination should be a pleasant experience, hope we do not find obstacles in the way. Even when we bring the portable equipments, such as camera, gadget or mobile phone.

Various facilities or features available on your mobile phone, but there are obstacles may occur, for example when checking e-mail, there is no signal of network Wi-Fi at the hotel or no signal in the mountains, the phone battery running low and there are growing concerns with the situation in office, when you are not there.

Syndrome and addiction concerns to the gadget is able to come to anyone.

You deserve free from stress, the following tips from the experts.

1. Change your view that connectivity is the right thing/profitable.
2. Using a mobile phone with discipline.
3. If on vacation, enable e-mail "Out of Office".
4. Turn off the phone and out of reach when you sleep.
5. Do not worry that the office will collapse, as one expert said, "You are not the only people who can solve the problem in the office."

There is always a positive side to portable devices such as mobile phones, flexible working has given them more freedom in life career. But it may not apply to everyone else, especially when you are traveling in a fun tourist region.

(Source BBC, Kompas /Image Anggry Birds to ISS)


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