Jakarta Promote Golf Tourism

Tourist influx golf fans two times larger than the usual tourist

Although Jakarta is known as the main town in the archipelago of Indonesia, with various attractions scattered everywhere, but the golf tour still regarded as less familiar.

Jakarta has the potential of international class golf courses are scattered in various areas of the capital, from north to south, from west to east of this metropolis.

Citing an article in the travel portal, Kompas Travel, Secretary General of the Indonesian Golf Course Owners Association, Wahyu A Haris, said, "Spending golf tourists with ordinary tourists was 2.2 times," and, of course, it attracted attention for the local government of Jakarta.

Culture and Tourism Office of Jakarta also realized the potential of the various international standard golf courses located in this capital, one of them with the support of the event Asia Golf Tourism Convention (AGTC), which was held in Jakarta. These activities are good opportunities in a variety of ways, in addition to attract foreign tourists, the campaign is also intended to change the paradigm of golf in urban communities.

Of course, greater expectations for the fans who will be playing golf in the capital of this island nation, in addition to playing golf and of course witnessed many tourist attractions around Jakarta.

(Source M Chairunisa - Kompas Travel /Images M Kirangen)


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