Residents in These Countries Love Cooking

Global reports market research company, GfK to the number of hours spent for cooking

After the previous article that shows the results of a market research about the countries who love food in this blog, the following is based on research from GfK, about countries that do a lot of cooking.

Of course this becomes an interesting survey in view of the behavior of a nation when you travel. For example, we soon learned that the Korean people rarely cook, in contrast for example to the people of India and Ukraine are very loving activities with pot in the kitchen.

Furthermore we can even know about the Italian people, or people in Indonesia are so passionate when it comes about food and cooking in the world.

Research based on this survey see the cooking habits of people around the world, through extensive poll asked more than 27 thousand people in 22 countries about how much time is spent in one week.

Here are the countries who spend more time to cook.

India: 13.2 hours
Ukraine: 13.1 hours
South Africa: 9.5 hours
Indonesia: 8.3 hours
Italy: 7.1 hours

Spain: 6.8 hours
Russia: 6.5 hours
Canada: 6.4 hours
Australia: 6.1 hours
Poland: 6.1 hours

Argentina: 6 hours
Belgium, United Kingdom, United States: 5.9 hours
China, Mexico, Sweden: 5.8 hours
France: 5.5 hours
Germany: 5.4 hours

Brazil: 5.2 hours
Turkey: 4.9 hours
South Korea: 3.7 hours

Of course we can draw the conclusion then, after seeing the list above, many countries previously considered to have a habit in the kitchen, did not occupy the top spot on the list.

Travel tour is an opportunity to gain new experiences, including of course the customs-related activities in the world of culinary and food typical of a tourist destination.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, GfK /Images F Benjamin - Lombok)


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