5 Culinary Favorite by the Korean people during the Spring

During the spring the plants grow to a maximum

Spring has arrived in Korea and this is a wonderful moment to watch the flowers and plants grow in unison, all looks beautiful, when the flowers are blooming everywhere.

Korean people are very conscious of their health, spring arrives then all culinary be diet can maintain the health stamina throughout the year.

Spring makes it easier to be creative with the food, and they have a favorite culinary right during the whole year.

Jukkumi (Ocellatus). The food is made from a type of octopus whose size is smaller than the octopus in general, usually measuring 10-20 cm. Koreans process into a variety of dishes, such as Jukkumi Samgyeopsal Bokkeum, Jukkumi Shabu-shabu, Fried Jukkumi, and then mixed with vegetables and meat in a spicy red chili sauce that is served while still hot.

Daege. Foodstuffs derived from crab king, then processed into Daege-Jjim, namely culinary pride of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Daege contains high protein and calcium, suitable for children, also to prevent premature aging. Koreans process by filling processed crab meat called "crab butter" into its shell, and at the team until soft.

Hadon. Known as puffer fish, processed into soup with mixed dropwort (Oenanthe javanica), and oil and soy sauce tastes excellent when prepared before the peach flowers wither.

Tapyeong-chae. The food is enjoyed in the late spring, a mixture of green jelly bean, pork, dropwort and dried laver seasoned with soy sauce and vinegar. This culinary philosophical significance to realize the balance between all parties.

Hwajeon. A kind of rice cake often as dessert or snack. Unique dishes as a sprinkling of spring flowers on it, such as azaleas, roses, chrysanthemums, cherry, or pear flowers.

Travelers who are traveling to the land of the Korean peninsula will find a variety of typical dishes from Korea, and met one of the favorite foods of Korea, which is unique and feels good on your tongue. Definitely.

(Source Kompas Travel /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)


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