Taste of Europe in Other Continents in the World

European-style architecture in several other countries

Peoples walking leisurely in Melbourne

When you travel to a tourist area in a country, without realizing there are many buildings in these places turned out to have a taste of European-style buildings.

European architectural style of the building has become the hallmark in European cities that you find, even some tourists really love European culture, admiring the architecture of ancient Europe.

Well, you can enjoy the surroundings with a "taste" of Europe, and the following places are able to remove your thirst to enjoy the beautiful surroundings with a typical European high art of architecture.

Montreal, Canada. The European 18th century buildings like, gives a taste of Paris, cobblestone streets, typical European countryside, parks, town square, churches, and even the behavior of the townspeople like French people.

Melbourne, Australia. Likewise, the city is often compared to Paris, love bridge over the Yarra River, similar to a Pont de l'Archeveche bridge in Paris. Just walk to some café, the open-air concept with trees along the sidewalk, typical of major cities in Europe.

Boston, United States. Look at the building of Copley and Prudential Center in Boston looming over the Charles River, similar to the buildings in the vicinity of the River Thames. Safe city for travelers, with spacious and comfortable public transport.

Guanajuato, Mexico. City with a great degree as a World Heritage Site, UNESCO, the city will be full of Europe nuances, cobblestone streets, luxury mansion belonging to the former miners, and downtown are filled with the architectural style of the 17th century. Narrow streets, only to pedestrians, and enough for one car, immediately you missed the atmosphere in European cities.

When you are in the area or those towns, all longing for beautiful buildings European style can be treated, without you yourself have to go to Europe. Interesting, isn’t it?

(Source NatGeo Traveler, HuffingtonPost, Kompas Travel /Images V Arifin)


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