Keeping Children Playing on the Beach

When the holidays with the family that would have been nice, but always alert

Grajagan Beach, East Java

Note: An article written by a female journalist, Sri Haryati-Mombi in a children's media.

For children playing on the beach is very nice. Swimming or playing around sand and water can make them linger. Any tips to keep kids playing on the beach?

1. When they reached the sea. Things to consider is, whether sea water is dirty? Should not let children play in the sea water is dirty. Look beaches clean and comfortable for the child.

2. When will play on the beach. First check the depth of the water. This is to ensure the water level not to exceed the height of children. Moreover, when children can not swim can be dangerous.

Children on the Beach

3. If you often invite children to the beach. We recommend that children learn to swim first for her safety. For small children who can not swim wear a life vest or swimming board.

4. For children who want to play around on the beach alone, also need to be monitored. Should not allow children to play on their own, looking for shells or sand itself. Make sure parents are also there next to them, and to play together for a closer relationship between parents and children.

5. Bath with water to clean as you can. There was no sand left in the hair or scalp after play or swim at the beach.

All travel must necessarily take into account the risk, o it can be done in anticipation for your family.

(Source Kidnesia, KompasTravel /Images J Krisna Ariesta- Malang)


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