Avoid Places Most with Germs when You are Traveling

Disease-causing germs and there is everywhere

Gold ATM Dubai

You are faced with the reality while being traveled, that places that look clean though, surely lurking germs. Environment around us turned out to contain many hazards that are not visible, and it is very dangerous.

Many bacteria are potentially damaging to health, and are in places which we considered to be safe.

Boarding Room at Kualanamu Airport

Disease-causing germs and there is everywhere. Here's an article that contained in the Huffington Post, avoid this place so no germs attacked while traveling.

1. The rooms in a hotel
2. The seats in an aircraft
3. The bathroom on the plane
4. Handrails
5. The hotel pool
6. Checkpoints
7. Water shower and buffets
8. ATM

Not that you would be worried to travel anywhere, especially if you want to travel to other countries, because all these devices are present everywhere, just as you and your family activities.

In the end we asked to always keep where ever we go, so it is better to anticipate than late.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesian, Huffington Post /Images D Upala Poucin, N Devi)


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