Ideal Vacation According to Children

Based on a survey of OnePoll of 2,000 children aged 6 to 17 years

Kualanamu International Airport

Children also need a holiday as their parents, so that they become the subject of a family vacation. Consideration is given by the children sometimes it gives a better proposal for the family.

The idea of an ideal holiday for children provide a unique exit, children also turned out to have a great vacation ideas.

Ideal holiday for Children.

1. The sunny weather as the ideal holiday requirement - 5%
2. They chose a sandy beach - 59%
3. Water park as a perfect holiday - 48%

Cronulla Beach, Sydney, Australia

Selection of Transport.

1. They prefer holidays that do not use the aircraft - 73%
2. Go to tourist attractions which are located not more than 4 hours drive from their home - 55%

From the survey results it can be concluded, that they refuse to use the car for too long on the way to the tourist attractions, it is exhausting. Likewise, the children said, the beach chosen for a vacation should not be more than 10 minutes walk from the hotel or resort.

After this you will take the family on a vacation trip?

(Source Intisari Online, Kompas Travel, HuffingtonPost /Images N Indira, N Rosdiana)


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