Ten Foods That Can Eaten After Period Through Selling

Based on some of the reasons of a food company in the UK, Approved Food

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They have a lot of reasons that food that has passed the Sell by Date, so that can still be consumed. Indeed, many people are often discard expired food, and this habit can be considered both in terms of health. It may even happen if we are in a tourist trip in a place, and it can happen to anyone.

Based on the new report shows how today people no longer appreciate the food, for example in the UK throw at least 4.3 million tonnes of perfectly edible food every year.

Dan Cluderay, founder of “Approved Food”, citing pages of Independent, said there are many reasons why it should not be done, the most important thing is how to educate the public about some of the terms in the food packaging.

For example, consumers need to pay attention to some instructions, such as the Use-by Dates mean the food is not safe if eaten afterwards, Sell-by Dates, means used by supermarkets for their own internal use, and Best before Dates, means it is optimal quality and unsafe.

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Here are 10 foods that remain suitable for consumption, it is generally safe to eat after a period of "sell-by date".

1. Chips (Crisp). There is a salt content in these foods that can keep.

2. Chocolate. Sugar content will help maintain its quality.

3. Tomato Sauce. These foods last up to one year in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator.

4. Yogurt. Can last up to six weeks after the date indicated on the packaging.

5. Hard Cheese. Carefully examine whether the cheese that has mildew in or on it. Should avoid soft cheeses such as brie is, or camembert.

6. Milk. Keep odorless or begins to thicken, milk should be fine.

7. Eggs. Examination can be done, by the way if the eggs float on the water bowl, meaning that there may be bacterial and gas contained in the egg. If the sink, meaning that eggs are good to eat.

8. Bread. You can heat it in the oven. Make sure there is no mildew on it altogether.

9. Rice. Have durability for months, or even years.

10. Fruits and Vegetables. You simply check if there is mold on it and not mushy, then the fruit or vegetable is still good to eat.

By treating a healthy diet and reasonable, we can still use it in various ways appropriate.

(Source Wiendrati - CNN Indonesia, Approved Food /Images P Widi Hatmi, P Djayasupena)


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