Avoid These Things in the Morning when Traveling

Even applied in everyday situations


Who could guess that some particular thing in the morning can disturb your mood in all daily activities, imagine if the mood is not comfortable it will interfere with all our activities.

When the spirit is still so big, mornings gives a lot of hope, when you leave the house, suddenly you are riding in a car tire suddenly broke, so other similar matters.

Junk Food

Unexpected things that can ruin our day, as well as when we are on tour in an interesting place, fundamental things to consider.

Well, how do you do a healthy breakfast and maybe make time for exercise, citing a website, WomenHealthMag, give some picture of the things that can ruin your day.

1. Drinking coffee too early. Highly recommended to drink at least one hour after you get out of bed, drinking enough water as an introduction, watch the body's metabolism becomes more stable.

2. Breakfast is too little/not enough. Breakfast a few pieces of fruit or drink a glass of yogurt may be quite filling and sounded fun, but make sure you eat foods that contain carbohydrates and fats in moderation.

3. Checking e-mail. Avoid thinking about work too early, you should do positive activities such as sports or gymnastics with taste or casual conversation with a friend or family member in your journey.

Each activity will be carried out in a full-day course will be determined by our mood, so things look normal can not be ignored. Especially for the tourists who are on their way.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia /Images R Setiawati, R Rumambi)


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