Padma Resort Legian Obtain the Best Hotels Quality Rating

Awarded the Agoda Rating Excellence Award 2014

A proud achievement for the world of hospitality in Bali, after one of the hotels in Legian obtain fantastic ratings in the quality of the hotel, because the assessment is based on the experience of the guests themselves.

Awards obtained after going through the reviews along with 127 other hotels in Bali, where all 127 hotels managed to get a good review in comparison with 4200 other hotels in Bali.

Maybe a lot of consideration for hotel guests, or the tourists who are going on vacation, among others, the rooms are comfortable and reasonably priced. But do not overlook how the hotel treats guests, is a satisfactory service standards, because apada ultimately luxurious rooms and the price is expensive if the service is not satisfactory, will end up disappointing and guests are reluctant to go back to the hotel.

Outstanding awards and become a great promotion for Padma Resort Legian, as included in the category of fantastic score, of 8.9. First time for this luxury hotel to get the award. Agoda's Award given to hotels that have reviews and feedback and a lot of good, and based on the value of at least eight upwards.

Convenience for guests when choosing a hotel with excellent facilities and services can have broad impact for the surrounding tourism.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Padma Resort Legian /Images Padma Resort Legian)


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