Changi Transit Programme Pampering Passenger Singapore Airlines and SilkAir

Pleasant transit experience through partnership with Changi Airport Group (CAG)

Airline in the world has always sought innovation for its passengers, adding an interesting experience in a series of flights, certainly beneficial for the airline passengers. Partnership program conducted by the airline is even extended to the end of March 2016, after seeing the response of passengers, of course.

The customer Singapore Airlines or SilkAir that transit through Changi Airport with one airline can redeem Changi Dollar Voucher (CDV) worth 20 Singapore dollars, or 40 Singapore dollars, depending on where they fly.

Furthermore, this experience becomes a convenience, through specific flight operated by Air New Zealand to or from Auckland also be able to redeem CDV.

An interesting program for passengers, valid for one-time use in more than 510 retail outlets, food, and services available in public areas and transit in Terminals 1, 2, and 3. CDV can also be exchanged for one-time access to the Ambassador Transit Lounge in Terminal 2 and 3 up to two hours.

A variety of other services, such as bathrooms, light dishes, and a variety of reading materials, free Wi-Fi, movie theaters, and theme parks while in transit at Changi Airport, as well as the Skytrain transport system.

It is tempting for anyone, offering tourists will make careful consideration, why not, right?

(Source Kompas Travel, Changi Airport Group, Singapore Airlines /Images J Mudas, M Kretyawan, E Purba)


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