Singapore Loss 4 Million World Traveler for 2014

The decline in international travelers by 31 percent compared to 2013

Singapore at Night

Singapore is one of the popular shopping destinations in the world, but the surprising fact is the decrease in the number of tourist arrivals, although no direct effect on the amount of the total revenue of tourism sector as a whole.

Certainly there are several factors that make the reduction in the number of tourists visiting, for example, the number of Indonesian tourist who visited Singapore in 2014 was reduced by two percent to 3 million people, as well as tourists from India.

Marina Bay Sands

Factors decreasing the exchange rate to be one of the significant things, so a direct impact on tourist visits.

Of making the tourism authority of Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board will do some anticipation, among other great sale promotion activities, as well as expenditure programs of local designers with creations stylish street wear.

In general decline in the number of tourists also take place in the region, back to the exchange rate factor was the main reason, and the decline in interest expenditure tech products, because the tax is expensive since a few years ago.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Singapore Tourism Board /Images M Kretyawan)


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