Hotel System in These Countries Friendly for Disabled People

Based on the studies provided by more than 600,000 hotels from

The Westin, NY

One time you traveled to a tourist destination, there are certainly things that might be worth your attention, whether in the country of destination concerned with people with special needs?

May present questions countries anywhere in the world who are concerned about this, following some initial answers, the United States became the first country to show the highest percentage of the number of hotels that have facilities for people with special needs.

Seventy-seven percent of hotels in the US is by far the most provide facilities for people with disabilities through its facilities, the next sequence can be seen in the following list.

Countries with the highest percentage for lodging that can be accessed by disabled people.

United States 77%
United Arab Emirates 55%
Ireland 55%
Portugal 55%
New Zealand 54%

Mauritius 53%
Italy 52%
Norway 52%
Puerto Rico 51%
Israel 49%

And the list also includes countries in Asia, only Singapore is the highest among other Asian countries with facilities for the disabled.

River of Singapore

Five destinations that are in the bottom ten ranked coming from Asia.

Countries with the lowest percentage for lodging that can be accessed by disabled people.

Indonesia 11%
Russia 11%
Peru 10%
Uruguay 10%
Vietnam 9%

Nepal 8%
Thailand 8%
Azerbaijan 8%
Cambodia 8%
Bolivia 8%

Georgia 8%
Montenegro 7%
Laos 1%

The list above is to be a reference of a tour, but other considerations can be addressed.

Sometimes the tourists always have a specific reason in determining their goals, in addition to hospitality on disabled people, in the end the completeness of infrastructure, security, convenience and comfort in the countries of destination to be the reason that is worth considering.

(Source NatGeo Traveler, F Firdaus – Kompas Travel /Images L Priyanti, L Pandjaitan)


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