8 World Tourist Places Become Favorite to Apply Lover

Ranking a world tour which is favored by lovers of the site FloridaTix.com

Skating in Central Park

Perhaps an interesting idea from the site when their journalists of that site provide time to explore more than 20,000 YouTube videos to search for any video application which has been uploaded since 2005.

Being surprise then after knowing many tourist attractions that are always a favorite lovers from all over the world, from the whole process of exploration at the site, the obtained sequence of interest.

Times Square

One side of Times Square

No need to wonder for every couple who are in love drunk, applying the lover is not enough just to invite dinner or giving a bunch of flowers.

Here are 8 favorite place in the world is the choice of the lovers.

1. Disney World, Florida
2. Times Square, New York
3. Central Park, New York
4. Top of the Rock, New York
5. Disneyland, Paris
6. Universal Studios Florida, Florida
7. The Eiffel Tower, Paris
8. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Maybe one day you will have a choice, choose a place with a romantic atmosphere is a must, for example, sites with outstanding views.

With the advancement of technology, the more crowded the present moment after uploaded in cyberspace, and also through the selfie photo lovers.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia /Images L Priyanti - NY)


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