The Cruise Ship MV Albatros Visit Sabang

Cruise Ships throw anchor on Saturday in Port CT3 Sabang

Sabang scenery and neighboring islands

City at the tip of Sumatra island is always interesting for many foreign tourists, particularly for cruise ship passengers, and this visit is already a visit umpteenth time.

This time the MV Albatros had the opportunity present in this special city, Saturday, March 28, 2015, the cruise ship carrying hundreds of world travelers, as many as 850 passengers and 366 crew.

Sabang is built as one of the international transit port, a port city that indicates the development of maritime shaft concept in most western tip of the island of Indonesia.

Aneuk Laut lake - Sabang, Weh Island

Beach of Sabang

Sumur Batu Beach, Weh Island near Sabang

Travelers soon dropped when the ship was leaning, they are immediately greeted by a number of events such as traditional Acehnese dance, as well as a mini bazaar show and sale of souvenirs typical of Aceh before attending various series of events around the region and the adjacent islands.

Sabang is always exotic, the port city that offers a unique nautical tourism, diving, snorkeling, as well as the beauty of the natural range of fascinating underwater.

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