Five Most Crazy Runway Airports in the World

Airports that are at extreme locations in the world

Lukla Airport

Cabin crew tells you that the plane was about to land, and you are prompted to install the seat belt, which is a pleasant moment for passengers, because the plane was about to land.

Actually need to be known by anyone, the moment an aircraft will take off and landing is a dangerous moment, which is neglected by most of the passengers, but in order to maintain tranquility in the plane, the cabin crew will always appear as calm as possible.

At the airport in the mountain, Nepal

Himalayas Mountain

Despite modern airports that have been designed from all sides, especially the comfort and safety, it turns out there's also the location of the airport in extreme situations are very dangerous, because it is located on a plateau, between steep mountains, situated just a few meters from the sea, or pass through a busy street, so it was something different.

Here airports in the world are included in the extreme category, citing

1. The Couchevel Airport in the Alps. The foundation for a very uphill and terrible landing, under 600 meters in a straight line and the Alps looming on all sides, it is not surprising that the location was used as a filming James Bond “Golden Eye”.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport in the Caribbean. Runway is such a low altitude, but it becomes a spectacle for tourists, when a Boeing 747 and Airbus A330-200 flying low over the waters of the Caribbean Sea before landing on the runway.

3. Paro Airport in the Himalayas, Bhutan. Challenging runway, the runway is in the middle of the Himalayan peak, 5,000 meters which seemed obscure in the vicinity.

4. Gibraltar Airport, the Iberian Peninsula. Extreme runway along two kilometers, the runway cut right across the street Winston Churchil Avenue centers, but only the only access road that connects the mainland Spain with rocks in the sea.

5. Tenzing-Hilarry Airport in the Himalayas, Nepal. Known by locals as Lukla Airport, but the airport authority then uses the name taken from the two famous climbers who managed to set foot on the summit of Mount Everest in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and his sherpa Tenzing Norgay. The location of the airport is attached to the back of the rugged Himalayas, Nepal which is above the height more than 2,800 meters asl.

When you're on the plane, then the tension will be felt, when the plane, say at the Lukla airport, aircraft maneuvering with merciless approach, a ridge that appears suddenly on one side so that the pilot could not make mistakes at all.

Even if you want to fly around and land on the second occasion when landing the first time is not true, all must go through a mature and careful calculation. It's scary, but be adventurous and a great trip for anyone.

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