10 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe

Favorable situation today when the Euro exchange rate is low

Beach of Santorini, Greece

This is the most appropriate time on vacation to Europe, when the situation of the monetary support as well as a decrease in the price of air tickets, of course this is due to the improving economy in the United States.

Travelers got a lot of advantages at the right moment, some other findings is that hotel prices tend to be low as well.

For the record the following average decrease in Europe around 9 percent in 2014, according to travel website, TripAdvisor, as well as a tendency in the month of February is the cheapest for hotels in Europe.


Useful information from TripAdvisor that finding hotel prices in eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria fell significantly compared to other countries. The same thing happened in France, Sweden, and Norway became much cheaper than usual.

Here among several options based on Airbnb websites that found 10 places with the lowest price in the whole of Europe.

10. Athens, Greece
The average rent: USD 66/night

9. Alicante, Spain
The average rent: USD 66/night

8. Valencia, Spain
The average rent: USD 64/night

7. Granada, Spain
The average rent: USD 64/night

6. Tenerife, Spain
The average rent: USD 63/night

5. Krakow, Poland
The average rent: USD 61/night

4. Budapest, Hungary
The average rent: USD 54/night

3. Zagreb, Croatia
The average rent: USD 51/night

2. Belgrade, Serbia
The average rent: USD 48/night

1. Warsaw, Poland
The average rent: USD 47/night

Looking at the data presented above, of course there is no time to delay a trip to Europe, the situation is very favorable for the tourists. And the most appropriate moment when winter will end up slowly, turned into spring, when the flowers begin to bloom beautifully.

(Source Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Kompas Travel /Images Emmanuella Widi)


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