10 Cities in Europe with the Lowest Rates for Five Star Hotels

Alternative selection in addition to the three and four star hotels

Brandenburg Tor, Berlin

As a traveler anywhere you are, vacation plans for 2015 was soon drawn up in the near future, would present a curious feeling when choosing lodging for you. Despite in some cases there is a tendency to choose a three-star or a four-star hotel in a long tour.

The Slimmest Building, Warsaw

If we choose to travel to Europe, of course we need to have information about the hotels in the countries of the blue continent, ranging from a variety of options.

Especially if it is a five star hotel, of course we are interested to try it, right?

Here are 10 cities in Europe with a five-star hotel is relatively inexpensive cost.

1. Warsaw, Poland - average room five-star hotel around US $ 134 per night.
2. Berlin, Germany - there are five-star hotel rooms priced at US $ 231 per night.
3. Athens, Greece - an average of five-star hotel rooms ranging from US $ 166 per night.
4. Brussels, Belgium - five-star hotel rooms offered at US $ 195 per night.
5. Budapest, Hungary - there are five star hotel rooms priced at US $ 182 per night.

The Street of Brussels

Manneken Piss, Brussels

6. Prague, Czech Republic - a five-star hotel rooms are offered at US $ 220 per night.
7. Madrid, Spain - average room five-star hotel around US $ 246 per night.
8. Bucharest, Romania - there are five-star hotel rooms priced at US $ 156 per night.
9. Thessaloniki, Greece - five Star hotel rooms offered from US $ 139 per night.
10. Lisbon, Portugal - most hotel rooms offered at US $ 180 per night.

Five star hotels with attractive rates and can be a temptation for tourists to stay in one of the cities in Europe. Blue continent has always been one of the options traveled in 2015.

(Source news.com.au, F Puri Agustine - BeritaSatu /Images P Widi Hatmi, M Kretyawan, Wikimedia)


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