Most Busy Flight Route in the World

Based on the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

For those of you who frequently travel to various parts of the world in a traveling or even a business trip, of course unconsciously often arises the question, what is the busiest flight during your trip.

As per the report of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the carrying cost of the busiest in the world is the Hong Kong-Taipei with a total of 4.9 million passengers on record for the year 2013.

The other airlines is the route of Jakarta-Singapore with a total of 3.4 million passengers, an increase of 8.6 percent compared to the number of passengers in 2013. This route is served by several airlines, such as Air France, Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia AirAsia, Jetstar Asia Airways (operated by Valuair), Lion Air, Singapore Airlines, and Tigerair.

Slightly above the route before, in second and third place with a thin knit is the London-Dublin route, with the total number of passengers reached 3.6 million people.

Here are the busiest route flight in the world.

1. Hong Kong – Taipei
2. London – Dublin
3. Jakarta - Singapore

4. Seoul – Tokyo
(the number of 3.2 million passengers - served by the airline Asiana Airlines, Eastar Jet, JAL, Jeju Air, Korean Air, United Airlines, and Vanilla Air)

5. London - New York
(with a total of 2.7 million passengers)

6. Amsterdam – London
7. London – Milan
8. Honolulu – Tokyo
9. New York – Toronto
10. New York - Paris

From the above list that the flying activity in Asia is increasing with the movement of passengers and contribute to the development of tourism in the region.

(Source Route News, Kompas Travel /Images L Komala, SIA)


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