Tips to Avoid Post-holiday Stress

Article below is contained in Intisari Magazine - Extra Edition November 2013

By Ester Lianawati, psychologist in Paris, and Yds. Agus Surono
Original title "We All Need Vacation!"

Wise men from the times immemorial, said that properly and healthy vacation will refresh the soul and we can return to daily activities with renewed vigor. But do not let us lose control of themselves during the holidays, such as activities for dining without thinking about health, spend money without thinking.

Don’t we want good health, frugal in spending, and can avoid the post-holiday stress.

Here are some tips, in order to avoid the post-holiday stress.

1. Preparation on a long vacation. Prepare carefully, including its budget. For this one, prepared with sufficient detail, including preparing for unexpected expenses.

2. Self controlship. Do not hesitate to put the brakes of yourselves and the children when it is beyond the budget in the midst of the holiday.

3. Prepare budget carefully. If the financial condition does not allow, and there does not need to owe or rely on credit cards for the holidays. There is many great holiday ideas are cheap.

4. Avoid contention during the holidays. Get ready for the existence of disagreements with family members or friends during the holidays. Should have been agreed from the outset some important things such as the choice to be visited tourist attraction.

5. Friends or family member determines the smoothness of the holiday. If you find it difficult to tolerate differences in character, should be on vacation only with friends you already know well. Holidays can be stressful and creates a bad relationship when you have difficulty adapting to the character of new friends.

6. Recognize the environment you will visit. What kind of season in a region you arrive. Thus you can prepare the right clothes or other things necessary.

7. Take care of your health during the holidays. Do not eat foods that are supposed prohibition simply because it is a holiday. As much as possible do not change the schedule of eating and sleeping because it can disrupt the body's defenses.

8. Drugs. Prepare yourself with drugs that commonly consumed and first aid supplies.

Anyone in need of travel, isn’t it? Of course we need tips about travel and all related, in order to avoid the post-holiday stress.

(Source Intisari Online, Birgitta Maya - Kompas Travel /Images W Sjahran, E Widi, L Priyanti)


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