Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World 2015

Cost of living to 119 countries in the world by the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Balinese Dancer

Despite the desire to travel has always been a natural thing for a person, but a tourist destination sometimes directly related to the available budget. Indeed, there are countries that can be selected tourist destination in your travel plans at affordable cost.

As the index compiled by the CPI make more choices open to a good tourist destination and fun for tourists, for example, travel to Southeast Asia, where there are interesting options such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and then your choice to Vietnam and Thailand, as reported by the Telegraph, Wednesday, January 21, 2015 .

Komodo, Island of Komodo, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Another option you can travel to Latin America or Eastern European countries. Likewise, the choice can be given to the African region.

Here are the countries most cheap tourist destinations CPI version in 2015.

1. India
2. Nepal
3. Pakistan
4. Tunisia
5. Algeria

6. Moldova
7. Egypt
8. Macedonia
9. Syria
10. Colombia

11. Bangladesh
12. Indonesia
13. Georgia
14. Morocco
15. Philippines

The results obtained from the Consumer Price Index is based on a count of the cost groceries, restaurants, transportation and utilities.

(Source CNN Indonesia /Images V Saver, Setiadi Darmawan, MV Wowiling)


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