Traveling Trip Resolution when entering the New Year - 1

Plan Your Trip in a Year of 2015

Mount Bromo, Central Java

Finally the new year arrived, in 2015, and as someone who enjoyed a traveling activities at previous times, no wrong, if you plan a trip in the year ahead.

Citing an article in a travel portal site is worth considering for a traveler, tourist trips possible to be implemented in 2015.

Raja Ampat, West Papua

Here are 10 travel resolutions that you can carry on the great times in the coming year.

1. Do not just dream, go now! We recommend that you do not delay a plan, to the destination abroad, for example. Certainly costs need to be prepared, at close range, if the cost is not sufficient and realize your dreams.

2. Use the your leave time. Utilizing leave need to avoid boredom and routine. Customize with your interests and hobbies, such as coastal or mountain tourism and others.

Gili Trawangan, Lombok

3. Tourism by alone. Solo Traveling in 2015 become your own destination, that is sexy! Sure you want to feel the experience of solo traveling. Learn about yourself, overcome your fear, and know the power of yourself that you actually have and enjoy all without the need for discussion with a traveling companion.

4. Read the travel book. Buying a travel book and be inspired by the book or book travel guides on the destination that suits your interests. Who knows you are able to make a book of travel itself?

5. Get rid of the gadgets. This is an opportunity to go traveling, without a laptop or tablet and social media, with a mobile phone only. A challenge, isn’t it?

Komodo Island

All of the above is new to you in everyday life, but it can be done in a planned tour in 2015.

In the second part of this article you can see in the sequel, tomorrow.

(Source Kompas Travel /Images N Ginting, SY Winata, F Benjamin, Setiadi Darmawan)


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