Best destinations for a Solo Traveler

According to The World Economic Forum's 2013 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report

The report does write New Zealand as the country's best destination for tourists who love to be alone in traveling, maybe you're one of them, isn’t it?

Of course this is an interesting fact, given the report contains all things related to the best in the tourism industry worldwide.

Actually, the report presents the obvious fact that New Zealand was rated as the second most friendly countries, are only one rank behind Iceland.

Anyone not refuse when mentioning this country, New Zealand is also seen as a country that is very peaceful and safe. There is a long list of factors of a country is rated as a peaceful country, including crime rate, murder, access to weapons, and violence.

Whatever the facts related to the report, tourists would always consider many things before deciding on a trip to a distant destination, particularly careful consideration of a country with people who have lived a long, happy, and stable.

(Source National Geographic, KompasTravel /Images D Veryano - NZ)


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