Unique hotel with independent guests in Kuta Bali

Holiday Inn Express Bali with the slogan "Safe here, spend outwhere"

Very different when you stay at this hotel, just imagine if you asked to be able to take care of themselves, they requested that the service user's smart and independent.

The atmosphere instantly, no "bellboy" hotel officer, no welcome drink, no officer who helps you to carry luggage and so on, you just need to be more careful search for available trolley.

Great, isn't it?

Where you'll find the hotel like this in Bali? Find them in Kuta, Hotel Inn Express officially operating since July 4, 2014.

How can you take care of yourself while staying at this hotel? Say when you want to wash the clothes, guests are welcome to buy coins to operate the four washing machines available.

Hotels are able to recognize certain types of traveler segments, different types of visitors, and a unique type of traveler. They are everywhere.

Then, take the time to be there, at Jalan Raya Kuta, Bali with 180 deluxe rooms cost an average of about $ 37.

(Source Holiday Inn Express, I Suhendra - Travel Kompas /Images Holiday Inn Express)


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