Just half an hour by boat from Lombok to the Gilis

Small islands are breathtaking with its beauty of the beaches

Small islands (or locals call "gili") are beautiful with seductive beaches, waves greet every visitor who arrives in the tourist area of Lombok and its surroundings. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air are excellent coastal resorts in this area.

Just half an hour from the island of Lombok to the group of small islands, and you soon arrive at beautiful Gili Trawangan and just ten minutes to the other small islands nearby.

Preferred tourist area in the mid-year, the most crowded during June through August.

Breathe the fresh air all day without pollution, a leisurely walk, ride a bike, or ride the cidomo (typical local riding transportation), the gentle sound of the ocean waves surge, embarked from the Gulf Nara or Bangsal Island.

Snorkeling, diving, surfing feel like in heaven, somewhere. Excited shouts of tourists who are playing with blue sea water.

(Source KompasTravel, F Benjamin - Gili Trawangan /Images F Benjamin)


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