Avoid Scams When Shopping in Singapore!

A simple worker from Vietnam who cheated while shopping in Singapore

Lucky Plaza, Singapore

A dramatic story experienced by tourists from Vietnam, who bought an iPhone 6 for a birthday gift for his girlfriend, then he felt cheated - he even had to kneel so that his money be returned after shopping at Sim Lim Square, Singapore - jazz up some social media sites in the last three days.

Following the advice of an Indonesian, Ryan Filbert (@RyanFilbert) who also experienced the same thing when he and his wife were on their honeymoon to Singapore. Bitter experience while shopping in a shopping centre called Lucky Plaza, in a shop called "G3 Advance Trading" - it conveys at a portal site www.kompas.com in Jakarta yesterday.

Certainly good advice not to happen to you who want to travel to Singapore one day in the future.

Here are some tips for shopping in another country from Ryan Filbert, especially when you are dealing with a fairly large nominal.

Ryan Filbert

1. Use the Credit Card

True, you may be subject to a charge of 3 percent, but it is usually because securing your card issuing bank will immediately call you if there are transactions in amounts large enough or come from abroad. Remember, the phone rang in my pocket when I'm arguing with the shopkeeper? Yes, it is the bank of Indonesia who tried to contact me, but the transaction continued because I was not getting my phone.

Another advantage is that, with a credit card, there is a second security because you can do a dispute or refute a transaction if the transaction is made you suffer.

2. Use the Search Engine

If you want to shop somewhere, the search engine may be able to help you minimize the problem. With the opening of the era of the Internet is so vast, use keywords that lead to negative things, such as "G3 Advance Trading Scam" or "G3 Advance Trading Cheat".

3. Too Good To Be True

Be wary of prices of goods are too cheap. At least, according to me personally, mobile phone deals in Singapore could fall into the category of black market goods when the goods are to enter Indonesia. So, look for a comparison.

Similarly, when you shop in Hong Kong gadget, look for the difference between the goods warranty local and international warranty.

4. Research and Do Your Own

Ask about what you are buying with reference to the 5W1H (what, where, when, who, why, and how)

- Why the price is quite cheap compared to other places?
- In addition to those already mentioned, the cost of what else is to be paid?
- Where can I make a claim if there is damage?
- How long is the warranty that is given for the item?
- What other things that is included in the warranty?
- What are the requirements needed to get the goods?
- Is the unit can be used internationally?
- How long does the activation process?

Traders who are too smoothy and friendly psychologically want to make you feel more comfortable, and beware of any thing that you should do.

5. Find the Contact

If you want to claim your problem in terms of any relevant in Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board will help you, and here's the contact: STB_Indonesia@stb.gov.sg –and- feedback@stb.gov.sg

This experience apparently experienced by almost everyone who has been to Singapore at least once experienced a problem when shopping at two locations that I mentioned earlier. That is, the business is so entrenched.

Be careful at all times, and be someone who is alert, even if you are on vacation.

(Source Ryan Filbert, Kompas /Images R Filbert, wikipedia)

Ryan Filbert. A practitioner and inspiration Indonesian investment. The 28-year-old, Ryan started the adventure in the investment and finance since the age of 18 years. Since 2012, Ryan began to write his travel stories and his practical knowledge.


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