Raja Ampat as an area for Tourism Education

Part of a promotion to high school students from Australia

An effort that is quite interesting from the Ministry of Tourism under Section Promotion for America and the Pacific in a business gathering, Melbourne, Thursday, November 27, 2014, in view of the tourist area of Raja Ampat are in a location that requires a special effort to be able to reach the location.

Overall for 2014, Indonesia became one of the tourist destinations for nearly 900 thousand tourists from Australia, and do not be surprised at the end of the year will continue to increase the number of visits.

During this time the Raja Ampat area better known by foreign tourists, especially tourists from the United States, Raja Ampat able to demonstrate its superiority, You certainly can ask, what kind of the charm of this region? Have a look at its underwater natural charm and biodiversity, beautiful nature and the beauty of coral reefs to be enjoyed by divers.

Promotion to Raja Ampat for the students from Australia to be interesting as a separate market segment, but there are obstacles presented by their teachers, "We can not do it, because to reach the area have to travel by sea."

Indeed, for some people, certain tourist areas there are always other factors, such as ease of transportation, ease and safety information.

(Source L. Sastra Wijaya - Australia Plus /Images H Merna Wowiling, SY Winata, Setiadi Darmawan)


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