Banda Neira is the Gift of God in the East

Producing region of world quality nutmeg, fisheries center, and a world tourism destination

Banda's Volcanic Mount

A long period of time immemorial seductive colonial nations to come in and take over, areas rich with spices.

The area was first occupied by the Portuguese, then switch to the Dutch colonial administration, with a clear motive to exploit natural resources of Banda Neira, and monopolize trade.

The Fort of Belgica

World class tourists quite keen to see the potential of tourism in the region, made up of 11 islands, seven of which are inhabited islands 21.453 people, is approximately 125 nautical miles (231.5 kilometers) from the city of Ambon.

Sea of Banda

You have not been to the Moluccas, if you have not visited Banda Neira, remnants of colonial heritage buildings, the area which has about 18 excellent diving spots and the beauty of the underwater scenes, along with the beautiful beaches, such as Malole, Tita Batu, Lanthoir, and Nama.

Little Palace with its cannon

Banda Neira also known as a tourist area history for its country, Indonesia, as the exiled several prominent freedom fighter from former Dutch colonial period, namely Mohammad Hatta, Sutan Syahrir, and Cipto Mangunkusomo, MD.

Typical little house of Bandaneira

The tourist area with a lot of great stories of the past, and into marinades attractive for tourists who love nature adventure scented sea. And has a passionate readiness to re-establish a new interesting tourism region.

(Source F Pati Herin - Kompas, KompasTravel /Images L Pandjaitan - Bandaneira)


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