Smartphone Application that Allows You through Cyberspace

Information from AirAsia flight and hotel package to the mobile web

AirAsia quite keen to see new opportunities in the mobile phone users, especially users of smartphones, with apps that can be downloaded via the phone based on Android and iOS.

AirAsia Expedia is a smartphone application technology that can allow users of mobile gadgets that can be accessed on the cyberspace.

One more thing that new applications will be favored by the web users, even by beginners, complete with AirAsia flight schedule information, information of terminals, hotel phone info, arrange the itinerary for the trip, as well as timely notification to the itinerary that can be synchronized with the calendar schedule in the smartphone.

The world is getting narrower, information can be obtained when you are anywhere, and as an option for business people and tourists.

(Source AirAsia Indonesia, S Noviyanti - KompasTravel /Images Ika Herwina)


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