Borobudur is a favorite tourists of Myanmar

Religious tourist attraction for tourists who embraced Buddhism

Morning in Borobudur

"Borobudur and Bali is where the most sought by citizens of Myanmar, besides the two is the most famous tourist attraction, not only in Myanmar for my taste but also for tourists from all over the world," said U Min Lwin, Ambassador of Myanmar, Tuesday in Jakarta, November 25, 2014, quoting a news agency "Antara".

The Silhouette

Culture of Indonesia and Myanmar are similar also be a tourism potential of two countries in the Southeast Asian region, thus opening up the opportunity for the airline to open a direct flight route between Indonesia and Myanmar.

The Bagan Temple

Various options can be considered to facilitate the tourists between the two countries, for example between Jakarta-Yangon or Yogyakarta-Yangon.

Bagan, Myanmar

In the end tourists benefit from the ease, given the potential for tourism excellence in every corner of the country in both countries.

(Source Antara, KompasTravel /Images Wahid Ar, DA Abadhy - Yangon)


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