Latest Attraction in Tower Bridge of London

Do not try if you are afraid of heights above the footpath glass

At a height of 138 feet right under your shoes, look down there a wide range of human activities that are being passed, new sensation in Tower Bridge, London. Provide payment of bills by 9 pounds to be able to feel this new sensation.

Passing traffic events, people walking down there, the car, even the Thames River with dashing stream water and roads with buses that seemed to line up.

An interesting idea then realized to provide a new experience for tourists, travelers and thrill seekers a unique view of a famous bridge in the world. Glass panel of 33-feet was three inches thick and weighs nearly 1,000 lbs.

Although creepy, there are many people who are curious to walk on the glass panel, Monday, November 10th 2014 yesterday.

"Scary, but I'm not going to let it beat me," said a tourist who has tried it.

(Source DailyMail, Kompas /Images L Panjaitan, Tower Bridge London)


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