Sunset and Places of Interest in the World

Best tourist spots that deserve to enjoy the Sunset

Sunset over Oia

Twilight is a kind of impressive farewell, it is said, a writer one time in one place. Sure he can feel the beauty of dusk so write beautifully, further he writes, golden light flashed on the window glass high-rise buildings, like a giant beauty swept brush.

Clouds opt out, as driven hands of the gods.

Sea of Santorini

Light yellow sun-streaked raced, it would be fun, right? Refracts light at sea in the distance, also refracts the street motion suddenly changed like a dance.

Refracted at the splash of the fountain drizzle. Refracted among purple clouds. Then the sky receded as a painting of the time, like the motion of the space, which soon disappear. Yellow light twilight increasingly orange watering streets, flush all the feelings that feel self harm.

Why not stop for a moment of the ceremony of life?


Sure you want to know where these places? Here's the best place to enjoy the beauty of the sunset version of National Geographic.

1. Halekulani Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Antelope Island State Park, Syracuse, Utah
3. Port of New York, New York, USA
4. Key West, Florida
5. National Park Torres del Paine, Chile

6. Oia Castle, Santorini, Greece
7. Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
8. Kenting National Park, Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan
9. Gulf Vairou, Bora Bora, Tahiti
10. Uluru, Australia

As the night approached, tourists can experience the heady scent, when the ball sunset on the horizon, far, far away in a place there. And the darkness that carefree living city in the electric light coquetry. And so the days passed.

(Source "Twilight and Poem of Love" - Seno Gumira Ajidarma, KompasTravel, NatGeo /Images L Pandjaitan, E Widi)


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