Vacation in Sentosa Island, Singapore

Most expensive tourist island destination in Southeast Asia, but worth it as a family vacation resort

Traveled anywhere as choice of the tourists are always fun, budget preparation becomes an important factor, unless you have unlimited funds. An article on this blog, making Sentosa Island as a most expensive tourist island in Southeast Asia.

Based on the second annual report of the TripIndexIsland Sun which compares the costs of daily travel and stay for two people in 16 regions of the popular island tourist destination in Southeast Asia, the total cost of two people to enjoy an overnight stay at a 4 star hotel, two-course meal (main course and fruit) with coconut water, beer, massage services, as well as bike and kayak rentals.

Sentosa Island as a most expensive tourist island in Southeast Asia, among other things to eat, drink, bike rental, and a massage for two people. For the record obtained from TripAdvisor - the largest travel site in the world, need to pay USD 781.51.

Despite that, you as tourists remain a deciding factor decision, Sentosa Island is very worthy of being a family choice, the first Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia, S.E.A. Aquarium which received an award from TripAdvisor, then you can visit the Maritime Experiential Museum and Adventure Cove Waterpark.

(Source RW Sentosa, Travel Kompas /Images RW Sentosa, W Yuliani, E Nismaya)


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