Vacation Planning for Year End Holiday

The twelfth month is a special month that has been in front of your eyes and counting the days

Tourists in Gili Trawangan, Lombok

No one thought that when the time becomes so fleeting, even you feel the seconds passed unnoticed hour, apparently had time waiting in front of the door of your house.

Of course you will not be surprised, because I'm sure you have plans to travel for a year-end holidays are fun for you and your family. Good preparation of yourself, the available budget and a healthy body.

The following tips can you consider.

1. Plan since the early (2-3 months earlier). Of consideration is the price of air tickets and accommodation cheaper, and time to arrange the itinerary.

2. Utilize the promo. Some airlines routinely offer promo trips to various tourist route anywhere, as well as promos hotels, cottages and travel packages. Do not forget to browse some of the tourist sites, among others Pegi Pegi, Agoda, or sites that offer discounts, LivingSocial, Groupon, or Blibli.

3. What day is most appropriate? Choose a Tuesday or Saturday when prices provide cheaper tickets. In general, cheap tickets usually on Tuesday through Thursday.

4. Read the recommendation of a fellow traveler. Some sites to review hotels, restaurants, or attractions are written by fellow travelers in the world, is very useful for us to be traveling.

Ready for the holidaying

5. December in Europe? December is the most appropriate time to Europe, ticket and hotel to be cheaper in the weeks at Christmas and New Year, but then Europe is entering the winter.

6. December in Australia? The opposite of Europe, this country entered the summer, the trip will be more expensive if holidaying in Australia, except for travel and booking air tickets and hotel before December 9.

Bali Beachwalk

7. Why not rescheduled to January? On average throughout the flight and accommodation will spontaneously reduced its charges, when on vacation around five days after January 1. Suggestions for booking hotels carried out before installing the new prices usually go up 10 percent every year.

Well, all can be implemented. This holiday we come!

(Source KompasTravel /Images F Benjamin, A Niaki, M Kretyawan)


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