Do Not Die Before You Go to Toraja

Region that stores the unique culture that is difficult to beat in the world

The Village of Toraja

Who would have thought when a district in South Sulawesi is better known by foreign tourists. Unique region with a row of traditional Toraja houses are decorated with buffalo horn arrangement, looks so stunning.

Despite the trip needs to be prepared, approximately 8 hours of Makassar was exhausting. Enjoy views presented in front of the eyes, the beach and towering hills on either side of the road, spectacular show alternately along the road traversed.

Cemetery in Wall Mount

Unique tradition that is not unusual for the modern world passed from generation to generation. The funeral procession with buffalo head cutting ceremony that relatively sadistic and storage bodies in the hills around the village, feel the aroma and don't be surprised if they can attract foreign tourists.

Do not forget when you've arrived, their culinary specialties, unwind while sipping the unique Toraja coffee and red eggplant of Toraja, similar to Markisa “passion” fruit.

Just try, it feels good!

(Source Famtrip DMO Toraja, KompasTravel /Images Astrie Dewi)


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