AirAsia Asean Pass a New Way to Low Fares Flight

Cheap flight amenities/saving to the whole tourist area of the ASEAN countries

They know the needs of loyal customers with a variety of unique offerings that allows users to use with intelligent services, traveled to the region of Southeast Asian tourism is an experience in itself is great.

A bid package to customers using the cost of credit which has been purchased with a fixed rate for flying towards some routes in all ASEAN countries.

The monkey of Ulawatu beach, Bali

Quoting a travel portal site, KompasTravel, AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said that their latest and innovative products will be launched commercially in January 2015. ASEAN Single Aviation Market/ASAM is a thing to be taken seriously, the presence of the Asean Pass can improve air travel to various ASEAN countries and attracted a number of foreign tourists in this region.

Travelers will welcome the latest offers from AirAsia, for the purchase of airline tickets to the 137 route flights in all ASEAN countries with low fares because it is guaranteed to get the lowest price.

(Source AirAsia Indonesia, KompasTravel /Images Air Asia, M Kretyawan)


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