Hong Kong as a City of Shopping Paradise Fashion

Various boutiques that offer leading fashion products

Hong Kong has long been known as a tourist region with a variety of world class fashion products present in various parts of the mall. If you do not intend to buy it, ahaa... :) Do not miss the time to just make a 'selfie' picture against the background of boutique clothing stores.

Causeway Bay or Wan Chai area then became one of the fashion product shopping destination, which is crowded with tall buildings complete with famous shops. Well-known products such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, until Channel.

Hong Kong is unique in many ways which favored the tourists, you can visit the traditional markets that provide clothing, shoes, and trinkets, at an affordable price.

Concrete buildings soaring into the sky, the port of Victoria, Kowloon, tourists can visit the Ladies Market, Mong Kok, the center of souvenirs and accessories are known for their cheaper cost goods.

Various souvenir products and accessories, key chains, watches, shoes, handbags, jerseys, until the electronic goods.

To be more complete your journey do not forget to stop in the culinary area, typical menu of spicy crab in stalls in Kowloon, at Temple Street, tearing each meat tucked behind the shell. It's so delicious!

(Source KompasTravel, H Yohana /Images K Li Na, H Yohana - Hong Kong)


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